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Thunder Ridge Kennels in Billings, MT offers all breed dog boarding in our clean spacious heated kennels. Billings top choice for dog boarding.

Billings' Dog Boarding Experts

We Board All Breeds!

As a responsible dog owner, you know that your canine needs exercise, mental stimulation, companionship, and consistency in order to thrive. Those needs don't go away when you are out of town.

To make sure your pet receives the same level of care when you are away, call the dog boarding experts at Thunder Ridge Kennels. We offer boarding for all ages and breeds of dog. Plus, we are happy to accommodate your short- and long-term dog boarding needs in Billings, MT. Whether you are going to be gone for a night, a weekend, or an entire season, we can board your dog.

Check Out Our Vast Facility

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If your pooch can't be at home, why not leave the animal at a kennel with expansive facilities? At Thunder Ridge, our property includes a pond, woodlands, and expansive fields. In this vast arena, we have plenty of room to train and exercise the dogs left in our care. Plus, because we understand the importance of canine socialization, our handlers make a special effort to encourage group playtime. When you bring your dog to Thunder Ridge Kennels, you can rest assured that he or she will be well taken care of. Throughout the stay, your animal will have access to these amenities:

● Spacious heated kennels
● Sanitized indoor and outdoor runs
● Large outdoor exercise facilities
● Spacious country setting

All of our kennels are sanitized everyday and kept clean throughout the day. Dogs are provided with a doghouse and an kennel deck for their comfort. Kennels are 4x8 inside and 4x10 outside to give your dog a good mix of room to play and comfortable privacy for their stay. We also provide a large outdoor exercise Area where dogs are grouped with other dogs that they are compatible with as far as temperament and size. If they do not "play well with others", they are let out individually and supervised. The dogs get out to exercise 3-4 times a day.

If your dog has unique care requirements, let us know. We can accommodate any physical, mental, or emotional requirements. Our dog boarding experts can even provide proper care for service animals and aggressive breeds.

Advantages of Boarding Your Dog

Sometimes the decision of whether to board your dog or leave him home with a 'babysitter' or have hime stay with friends can be difficult for dog owners.

There are quite a few advantages to having your dog stay at a reputable professional dog boarding kennel such as Thuner Ridge Kennels in Billings. Our specialized dog boarding facility allows your dog to avoid the stress of a long car or airplane ride to your destination and stay somewhere that he is welcome unlike most hotels. Your dog will also receive much more love and attention than he would if left home alone for most of the day.

During your dog's stay here at Thunder Ridge Kennels, he will be monitored for health or emotional problems by our trained experienced staff and will get lots of individual attention as well as the opportunity to interact with other compatible dogs several times per day in our large outdoor exercise area. Your dog will be safe and secure in our heated escape proof dog kennels.

Your dog deserves lots of love and attention while you are away. At Thunder Ridge Kennels he will get lots of that plus a whole lote more. We love dogs and dogs love us. Our unique dog boarding facility is truly a vacation resort for your dog. Your dog will enjoy staying at our kennel and you will love our affordable dog boarding rates.

Bring Your Questions to Us

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call. We are happy to go over all of your concerns. Reach our dog boarding establishment in Billings, MT, at 406-373-6386. If you would prefer, you may also make requests electronically via our contact page.

spacious dog boarding kennels in Billings, MT
heated indoor kennels Billings, MT

Thunder Ridge Kennels in Billings, MT offers comfortable long and short term boarding for all breeds of dogs. Call 406-373-6386 today

Heated Kennels

heated dog boarding

No cold dirty concrete kennels here, our clean spacious dog kennels feature heated floors for the ultimate in comfort for your dog even if the outdoor temperatures are less than ideal! Thats right, we have heated floors in our dog kennels!

Country Setting

Thunder Ridge Kennels trains puppies to hunt

We know you want the best for your canine friend when selecting a dog boarding facility. Our large clean heated kennels are uniquely located in a nice country setting just out of town to provide your dog with the best boarding experience possible.

Specialized Care

special needs dog boarding

Not all dogs have the same requirements. If your dog has special needs such as a special diet or exercise routine we are more than happy to accomodate them. We even have the knowledge and experience to board service dogs or aggressive breeds.