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Thunder Ridge Kennels in Billings, MT offers all breed dog boarding and gun dog training in Billings. Read our FAQs to learn more!

Dog Boarding & Training FAQs

Have questions about our dog boarding or gun dog training services? This page contains the answers to many of our frequently asked questions. Don't find the answer you are looking for? Feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to answer any of your questions about our boarding and training services!

  1. I have never boarded my dog before and am not sure what to expect. I am a little concerned that he will be nervous or depressed and might not even eat with being away from home. How can I be sure my dog will be properly cared for while he is there?
       It is perfectly normal for dog owneres to be concerned about the care their dog will receive while being boarded. At Thunder Ridge Kennels we have many years of experience boarding all breeds of dogs and dealing with a wide range of temperaments. We truly LOVE dogs and you can be certain that your dog will get lots of love and attention while he is here. We closely evaluate each dog individually and make sure that they are happy during their stay. We take them out to play several times per day and even take compatible dogs out together to socialize. Your dog will enjoy his stay at our kennel. We are dog boarding experts and always go out of our way to make sure each and every animal at our facility gets lots of love and attention.

  2. How much does dog boarding cost?
       Thunder Ridge Kennels offers the best dog boarding in the area for very reasonable low rates. The actual cost varies depending on such things as the lenght of time your dog will be staying with us. Please contact us for more information on our kennel boarding rates.

  3. Do I supply the food for my dog while he is being boarded?
       If your dog is on a special diet, please supply the food they need. Otherwise, we supply high quality food for boarding and training dogs.

  4. My dog is currently on medication, do you charge extra to give him his meds?
       No. We not only have great affordable boarding rates, but we do not charge extra for administering medications, evaluating your dogs temperament, or outdoor exercise time while they are staying at our dog boarding facility.

  5. Do you provide long term dog boarding?
       Yes. We routinely board dogs for a wide variety of timeframes ranging from an afternoon to seasonal boarding for those who are going to be away for months at a time. We are glad to accomodate whatever dog boarding needs you have.

  6. My dog is very aggressive, can you provide boarding for aggressive dogs?
       Yes. We have lots of experience (over 30yrs) working with all breeds and temeraments of dogs. We are able to provide dog boarding services to aggresive dogs or even dogs with other special needs such as service dogs or even vvery shy or physically challenged dogs.

  7. Do you have any references for your dog boarding services?
       Certainly. Some of our references will appear near the bottom of our HOME page. We can also provide you with many more as we constantly get letters from satisfied clients. Thunder Ridge Kennels proudly offers the absolute best dog boarding experience in the Billings, MT area.

  8. Do you offer group play time for dogs being boarded?
       Yes. We have a very large outdoor exercise area where the dogs are taken several times a day for interaction, play and exercise. Dogs are closely monitored and only compatable dogs are taken out together. No need to worry about an aggressive dog attacking you shy loving dog..

  9. I need to board a couple dogs. Can they stay together?
       If you are planning on boarding a couple of dogs that live together at home we can certainly place them together while they are here. It will certainly make them feel more 'at home' and comfortable and we always want your dog(s) to enjoy their stay as much as possible!

  10. Can I give my puppy a toy?
       If you want a trained hunting dog, do not let them have toys. They can fetch a toy and bring it back to you, but they cannot own the toy. After play/fetch time, put the toy away for the next play time.

  11. What age do you start training?
       Training starts the day the puppy leaves the litter. Training is daily and consistent. It starts small and we work up to bigger, more exciting tasks. Training is taught in segments. This applies to both hunting dog training as well as general obedience training.


Spacious kennels and large fenced run area for all breeds of dog and cat boarding

Thunder Ridge Kennels in Billings, MT is proud to offer boarding for all breeds and ages of dogs. Whether your dog needs a place to stay for the weekend, a few weeks, or seasonally, we are proud to provide a comfortable and safe environment for them.

Puppy Training

Thunder Ridge Kennels trains puppies to hunt

By the age of six months, puppies will know manners, understand the "kennel up" command and the differences between learning and socializing. With proper training, you will see how much your puppy/dog loves his job and what he is designed to do.

Specialized Care

Spacious kennels and large fenced run area for all breeds of dog and cat boarding

Not all dogs have the same requirements. If your dog has special needs such as a special diet or exercise routine we are more than happy to accomodate them. We even have the knowledge and experience to board service dogs or aggressive breeds.