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Gun Dog Training Starts Young

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Whether your puppy is fit for gun dog training often depends on the experience your puppy has had during the first six months of age. If you do not have time to work with your puppy, retriever training is your next consideration. While obedience training can begin at any age, at Thunder Ridge Kennels, dogs can begin hunting dog training when they are as young as 3 months old.

Puppies do best with training when they are introduced to gentle obedience, manners, socializing, birds, being exposed to gunfire and decoys, and marking in various types of cover at an early age. Repetition and reward is the best program for your puppy to begin with. Puppies still need to have physical contact, learn to house manners and learn to socialize with the family and with strangers before they can move on to more advanced training.

By Age 6 Months...

At Thunder Ridge Kennels, our puppies will heel, come quickly and sit by the time they are six months old. Puppies will also know manners and understand the "kennel up" command as well as the differences between learning and socializing. The puppies are very responsive to birds and can be doing simple doubles and retrieving at many distances on land and in water. With proper training, you will see how much your puppy/dog loves his job and what he is designed to do. They enjoy pleasing their owners and being rewarded for a great job.
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Thunder Ridge Kennels in Billings, MT offers gun dog training for puppies starting at 3 months old. Call 406-373-6386 today